Monday, 2 September 2013

Docusign Challenge 4: The conclusion

As per previous posts, I've now tried to go three months without signing my name with a pen. Fortunately nobody has asked for my autograph - no, look, that has happened to me when someone has a book I've written at an event (my guess is that the PRs put them up to it, but no matter).

The latest is that I signed another contract electronically today and a further one last month but - wait for it - the other party signed it in biro and sent my copy back to me. I'm not sure if that counts.

Signing for prescriptions and anything like that is at the moment a dead loss without a pen. Ironically it's years since I've had a prescription for anything, but a blood pressure issue (discovered only months ago) and a minor scalp operation followed by antibiotics mean I've become very familiar with the health systems. When it's your health involved, you sign in whatever way they want you to.

But I think the e-signers are onto something. I'll certainly continue with electronic contracts as they file themselves and you don't lose them. That's a good reason to use them in its own right.

I'll look forward to some of the statutory services catching up.