About LifeOver35

LifeOver35 is a men's website aimed at the over 35 market (obviously), roughly where the men's style magazines seem to lose interest in us. It's owned by journalist and broadcaster Guy Clapperton whose website and background is here.

I had the idea when I wanted to smarten myself up because I was doing stuff in front of people at work, and noticed all of the style magazines and advice at the time seemed to be aimed at much younger men - so different looks, body shapes, everything.

The blog covers fashion, grooming. drinks and gadgets. Any public relations executives wanting to pitch their clients' serviced or goods is welcome to mail by clicking here; please be aware that I prefer not to work from press releases, ie if I can't smell an eau de toilette it doesn't get covered. Too many bloggers write exclusively from press releases.

Welcome - I hope you like the blog!


  1. Hi Guy

    Have you come across thread.com as yet? I just gave some feedback to their CEO about the Over 35 market and suggested he check out your site as I think the're also missing out "our" demographic. if they manage to address that, it would be an excellent service that they offer!



  2. Thanks Andrew. That's not dissimilar to the Chapar service - do check it out.


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