Thursday, 23 September 2010

Aftershave clearance

Just a quickie today.

First let me assure you I'm not in any way associated with or affiliated to the Cheapsmells website. I'm not taking any form of payment or goods for putting this note up.

So now you're confident of its independence I'm going to tell you Cheapsmells is having a clearance sale. The price cuts are pretty savage so if they have something you like you should do well.

Here are some thoughts on buying and using male scents:

1. Don't be swayed by the packaging. Only you and anyone sharing your bathroom cabinet is going to see it.

2. If you can get a sample before buying, do so. Don't just sniff it from the bottle - spray it on and walk around with it for a while. The times I've bought stuff that smelled great on a bit of paper in the shop and then became rather cloying after wearing it for a couple of hours...

3. A related point, and one I made on yesterday's blog too, is that you need to smell the stuff before buying - pay no attention to the hard sell on any website.

4. Use it sparingly - nothing makes you seem more of a poser than a waft of scent arriving five minutes before you enter a room.

5. Check with your other half - they've got to live with it too!

6. Matching shower gel can work and make you feel fresh - but don't forget you'll need even less scent on then.

7. If you have sensitive skin you might want to use a moisteuriser or balm after shaving. Many scents offer a matching balm; it's cheaper and just as effective to put an unscented balm onto razor-burned skin and put your cologne around the base of your neck.

8. Regardless of the discount, if you weren't planning to buy any aftershave and do so only after seeing something like this blog or a mail from someone with a sale on, buying something you otherwise wouldn't have bothered with isn't a bargain!

Happy sniffing.

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