Monday, 4 October 2010

Do you smell too young?

So I'm visiting a family member over the weekend, and she works in a well known High Street company.

Flickr: Dmitry Valberg
Talk turns to the blog, and indeed to colognes/aftershaves/eau de toilette. She has complimented me on my choice before but she has a concern. When she and her team discussed how to market my favourite, which is Armani Code (pictured), they decided between them that it was very much a young person's scent, not something they'd recommend for an over-40 at all. We, apparently, would opt for something a little heavier.

So what do we reckon? Am I kidding myself, mid-life-crisis-ing myself into smelling like a 20-year-old, or is a particular branch of a well known High Street name talking a load of hooey?

And what does everyone else use - come to think of it, do you even think of demographics when you select it?

(Housekeeping note: I have no affiliation with Armani, nor is there any way you can order the stuff through this site and earn me a profit).


  1. It's hooey.

    I was always taught that the ideal scent is one balanced to a person's skin characteristics and personal comfort zone, not their age. If the skin characteristics change with age there may be a point but otherwise I don't think it's at all the same as 'dressing too young' or being embarrassing on a dance floor.

    You could buy your friend - or the training office for the High St chain - a copy of Patrick Suskind's 'Perfume' :-)

  2. Blimey, I'd never even thought of it. I wear Boss, Diesel and Paco Rabane (or bugger all); my choice is usually determined by whether I'm seeing the person who bought it for me (Paco Rabane - brother; Diesel – ex-girlfriend).

    That said, I'm still single, although my brother (who's just turned 50) uses the Boss I gave him and he (ahem) seems to do quite well.

  3. Did you buy it because it sounds geeky? :D

    I think if it smells good on you then wear it. You don't have to wear Brut or something when you hit a certain age ;)

  4. Sorry KiBe, not sure who's sounding geeky here? I get first dibs, my blog...


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