Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A quickie on scarves

Just a short entry today. I'm busy being bemused by the video on this link, which is a my-wardrobe video guide on how to wear a scarf.

Obviously the one where you just throw it over your neck is the one which really didn't need a video explanation but the bit that really gets to me is the third one.

In this, the demonstrator tucks the scarf around the model's lapel (serious stuff this scarf-wearing, definitely takes two) so that only a little bit of it is showing.

Call me naive, call me old fashioned - but since this leaves your throat totally exposed, doesn't it take away the whole point of a scarf in the first place? Or am I just naive in thinking that retaining a vestige of their original function, i.e. offering a bit of warmth, would at least not be a bad idea..?

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