Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Valentine blog 4: Ties that bind

There's an interesting blog entry on A Suit That Fits (sponsored link, costs you nothing) today about ties and their origins. I'm more concerned with getting the right balance though - and whether to go "designer" or not.

My usual answer is "no, it costs too much" - although I did pick up a Polo Ralph Lauren in the January sales (wife thought it was very nice until I wore it and she saw an "egg stain" on it from a distance - or "crest", as the designer no doubt intended it). There's a second way to get something designery like the Christian Dior jobbie on the right, for example, and that's to go second hand.

The only issue with this is that the kids have got hold of "second hand" and renamed it "vintage", which means it's still not cheap. That's one thing; the other is the variation in quality. I picked up a Hermes tie from eBay to test the theory out earlier this year. I did indeed pay closer to twenty quid than the ninety Hermes itself would have wanted, but the tie will need dry cleaning as it niffs a bit.

That's fair enough, you go to eBay, you take what you find. This is why a site that's been drawn to my attenton, Lalita Vintage (not a sponsored link, for what it's worth) is a help because it has someone independent looking at quality control. Plus, fast though my tie delivery was, that was due to luck; Lalita is a commercial concern and if your stuff turns up late you're within your rights to complain.

The ties are well worth a look, and I'm seriously considering dropping hints about one of the wallets myself.

My thanks to Lalita for the picture of the designer tie.

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