Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Scent of a man - 2

First my gripe. My favourite male scent has been discontinued. You can still get it if you shop around and I have an almost-full bottle just obtained at great expense through Amazon, but Dunhill Edition is no more. They have a waiting list at their upmarket shops for people who want it. Guys, if you have a waiting list it was probably worth keeping going for a while.

It's a very distinctive eau de toilette that I've been using on and off since the 1980s. Very fresh, spicy and woody, it hasn't (to my mind) dated and discontinuing it is very unwise.

I shall start a campaign. I suspect nobody will pay any attention. Meanwhile a modern spin on the theme is the pretty-much-evergreen Armani Code. Bergamot, lemon, notes of tobacco without having to stink of ciggies - it's quite complex, subtle and my wife loves it. Ditto another firm favourite, the get-a-mortgage-first Acqua de Parma Colonia, of which I was recently given a bottle when I wouldn't accept payment for a tiny bit of consultancy. Very citrussy, mellowing out to violets by the end of the day, it's not surprising they revived this after years of discontinuing it (Dunhill could take a bit of a hint there).

Citrus fans could also look out for Orange Vert by Hermes. This is on offer from Amazon at the moment so you'll pay twenty-odd for this light, zesty scent which is completely distinctive; it's just a pity it doesn't last a bit longer into the day but during the summer this is one of the best. Another with a shot of zing is the new Burberry Sport Ice, which I've been trying out and which came out last month; a lot of ginger and mandarin in this one, which is a little clinical smelling for my taste if I'm honest. A lot of people who've been around me assure me it's great. Must be just me, then.

Mostly this year and last I've been wearing the Armani Code, but I'm also fond of Loewe Solo (not the intense version). This is classy, a little musky and I haven't come across anything quite like it on the market. Recommended.

But not as much as Dunhill Edition. Of which, I suspect, I have my last bottle.


  1. Thanks for the tips.

    BTW That Orange Vert offer on amazon looks great at first glance, but not after you add the £10.50 shipping charge!


  2. I hate perfume. People wearing it need to understand how offensive it is to many people. It actually hurts my nose and makes my eyes water.

  3. Thanks for both of those comments - John, I hadn't gone as far as ordering, I had no idea about the postage charge so many thanks for the extra info which adds about 50% to the price. Chris, I'm interested - is this all perfumes? An old schoolfriend on my Facebook page has also highlighted issues for people with sensory problems when it comes to a trainful of different scents.


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