Saturday, 25 June 2011

Pocket squares/hankies and suits

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Is it me or is everyone getting a bid dandified with the pocket square, the folded handkerchief that goes nowhere near the nasal cavities or else?

It certainly seems that way. Since going tailored I've noticed a lot more people wearing them - and I do mean "wearing" rather than using them, they're purely decorative. My tailors at A Suit That Fits (sponsored link) offer one n the same fabric as a suit's lining for £10 when you order the whole shebang; the people working on my new suit right now at King and Allen (not a sponsored link but do mention me if you decided to buy a suit from them and I'll get a tiny voucher) build it in, in other words you can pull the breast pocket inside out and use that.

People are wearing them differently too. The neat triangle sticking out of the top pocket looks neat but a bit waiterish for my tastes. I'm quite attached to the thin, neat line of white over the top pocket of a dark suit with a crisp white shirt - well, I would be if I could persuade the bloody thing to stay at the above-pocket level neatly by the time I get to my meeting. What normally happens instead is that it sinks into the pocket and I might as well not have it by the time I arrive wherever I'm going. Any thoughts on remedies would be most welcome!

The other look I haven't yet mastered (I say "the" other, actually there are a fair few now that I think about it) is the "looks as though it's been stuffed into the pocket any old how, shouldn't match any of the other clothes the guy is wearing and somehow he gets away with it" look. Always seems to go with a suit that ought to look scruffy but is somehow immaculate too, I've noticed.

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