Thursday, 28 July 2011

Paul Smith ties up with Leica

I spent a very pleasant lunch hour yesterday at Leica's shop in London - here's a link to it. It offers courses on photography before you buy and includes courses afterwards with some cameras - no point in spending £5K on an M9 if you're not going to find out a bit about it. Certainly playing with £20K worth of camera kit is a very good way to spend 60 minutes or so of your mid-life crisis, I found.

What really caught my eye for readers here were some very nice limited edition camera cases from Paul Smith, which are pictured here. The grey textured version is probably a little feminine but the brown leather is a beauty, classic in design and sporting the signature stripes for which Paul Smith fans seem to go totally berserk most of the time. It's out in time for Christmas and will set you back £200; make sure the recipient already has the D-Lux 5 digital camera for which it's designed otherwise that'll cost them another £644.

The other design point of note was on some of the more professional models, the red spot (like the one in the picture above) is going to be removed, with a more discreet logo on top. Apparently these are used often in war zones by photographers, and having a red spot just about where your eye's likely to be wasn't quite what they wanted.


  1. £644 for a Panasonic Lumix with a Leica badge on... Makes £200 for a nasty looking case with a Paul Smith logo on it look like an absolute bargain.

  2. This link here:

    ...suggests the cameras are very similar but you do get £100s of software with the Leica and it holds its value for resale better than most. Thanks for highlighting the similarity, well worth noting, and of course the Leica lenses are the same.

    Everyone will clearly make their own mind up about the Paul Smith cases - I raher liked them, although if your photo needs are minimal you might like to spend the £200 on an actual camera rather than a case.

  3. Indeed. Or Buy the Panasonic and a £100 case and a copy of Lightroom and still pocket £200...

  4. Leica has been in touch to explain a bit about its pricing. Please take the following as Leica's point of view, not something I've personally investigated or checked.

    The D-Lux 5 and a number of other lower-priced Leicas are indeed manufactured by Panasonic but to Leica's exact specification. This doesn't make them the same camera. There is extra insurance with a Leica called the Leica Passport which covers accidental damage in addition to the usual stuff, and this extends to two years rather than one as is standard. The Lightroom software includes training workshops, in person; Leica firmware is not common to the Panasonic branded models, and neither is the Leica care team.

    You can also get a photography course free of charge before you purchase.

    Obviously this may or may not sway you towards the Leica and I'm not presenting this with any bias - but that's Leica's case.


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