Friday, 24 February 2012

New scent: Spiecebomb from Viktor and Rolfe

My thanks to the people from Viktor and Rolfe who have sent a bottle of their new scent, Spicebomb, arriving as it did in its own neat hand grenade shaped container. So far, so extremely blokey - it's a bit of fun. St £45 for 50ml it probably needs to be; that said, why so many people sell scents in 75ml bottles is beyond me as some of them can go off way before you've used them all up.

So the bottle's fun but what about the scent? It has a lot of spice as the name suggests, like a stronger Dunhill 51.3n if you know that one. Grapefruit, bergamot, and leaning towards berries rather than citrus I thought. It's very modern and I'd guess targeted against stuff like the Hugo Boss range I reviewed here.

This has a similar dizzying quality - like the King says in Amadaeus, for me there are "too many notes in it" - I'd advise it for a younger man, it'll rise above some of the others when you're out clubbing. It's called "Spicebomb" and absolutely isn't claiming to be subtle so fair enough, it isn't at all; for that reason it's not for me, but if your tastes are for something a bit bold then this might be the one.

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