Monday, 23 April 2012

Miscellaneous style notes

Just a couple of things that didn't quite warrant a blog entry in their own right.

First a note from a client - nobody's paying me to say this and I'm not on any incentive to do so. But it would be wrong to write for the people at Wizard Jeans occasionally and not mention that they're offering a 20% discount until the end of the month. Details are on their website, essentially enter the code on their homepage and watch the price fall when you check out.

Nice to see the Smithfield Case getting a mention in the Times Magazine on Saturday, on the men's style page. They said it was a brand new service which is odd because LifeOver35 reviewed it over a month ago. So there'd been time to find it, receive some clothes, have the unwanted items picked up and write it up over a month before the Nationals.

Ah well. One of my gripes with the Times is that it doesn't serve us blokes terribly well anyway. If you want evidence and have access to the iPad app then have a look at Saturday's magazine section. On paper there's a page for men's style ideas; on the iPad app I was slightly miffed to note its absence from the "magazine" section.

Maybe they think if we've spent our money on an iPad we can't afford clothes?

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