Friday, 31 August 2012

A rum thing

Don't look now but I think the sun may be on its way back - in which case there's every chance you'll be looking for a nice long drink. Which is why I'm pretty pleased to have been sent a sample of Bacardi Oakheart (thanks guys).

It's a spiced rum to celebrate 150 years of Bacardi by, well, asking us to buy more rum I suppose. I'm quite fond of rum in spite of being a bit more of a whisky man myself; the spiced rums I always found a bit of a mystery. Why would you buy a rum if you didn't want it to taste of rum?

It's actuallyvery pleasant. Stored in charred oak barrels which lends it an air of vanilla and a bit of smokiness, it's not bad with ice but really comes into its own when it's mixed with something else. Bacardi and Coke drinkers like it a lot; personally I find Coke in most of its forms too cloyingly sweet, but as they say your mileage may vary.

£18 for 75cl. A perfectly pleasant finish to the summer holidays.

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