Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Running socks and skipping ropes

OK, been busy so it's been quiet in here for a little while. But following the piece a few weeks ago on my attempted lifestyle change I can confirm that around half a stone has vanished in three weeks with a belt notch being tightened on my suit yesterday. No, it didn't hurt and yes, I know leather stretches so this probably wasn't a whole "notch" in real terms.

The exercising I mentioned - using a skipping rope - hasn't gone quite so well. I've been testing some socks from Runbreeze and can confirm that if you find ankle socks/trainer liners comfortable they certainly do the job of cushioning your foot and keeping you cool just as you'd hope.

I've been using a digital skipping rope (pictured) from Kettler. I can confirm that this does the job - counts the time you've been working out, tells you about the calories you've been burning, or at least it did until I let my daughter loose on it. It came back with the display dead, I have no idea why, she couldn't have run out the battery that quickly.

Nonetheless it's still fine as a skipping rope, albeit one with a lighter cord than many people will be used to so you have to work harder to get it over your head. This is where the other component comes into play; you know, the unco-ordinated, immovable heavy lump attempting to skip for the first time in forty years when he wasn't particularly good at it anyway. I tend to last about two minutes before getting tangled up, so if I'm honest the 'cardio fix' running alongside the calorie reduction hasn't gone quite to plan. I will persist.

Still, three weeks, half a stone. I'm not at all distressed at that so far.

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  1. Great results so far - well done.

    I noticed that all the swimming I did hasn't made much difference to the weight (although I *felt* better), so I'm trying to maintain the exercise and be more careful about what I eat. Results like you've got would be great.

  2. They're small so far. Of course any GP will tell you that exercise won't shift weight but it will adjust the balance between fat and muscle, and it adjusts in your favour so you're definitely doing the right thing.

    I'm still rubbish at skipping - why I thought an unco-ordinated lump like me could take that up at 47 is a mystery. Oh, I remember, it was because someone told me about this digital skipping rope...that said, it gets me off my backside on the odd occasion!


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