Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Uncommon scents: Storm Electric

I had a note from Apple's (no doubt) sales and marketing department the other week, telling me to buy my loved one an iPad Mini. If she wants to get me one then fine, although I'd query the expenditure when there are rooms in the house that need repairs and money spent on them.

Tokens it is for us, and they might well include a new scent. I've recently been testing a box set of Storm Electric, courtesy of the people from BrandAlley; it's pretty good, although I do have an issue with the name. I'd never have asked for anything called 'electric', I'd have assumed it was to do with electric shavers.

It's not. The shower gel and eau de toilette in this package is woody with traces of cinnamon and lemons and lasts a fair time. There's a bit of citrus in there as well.

Oddly for a spicy number my wife rather liked it - usually she goes for naturals. I'd be happy with a bottle of this for my valentine's present any year; that said, I've already got one now.

So, iPads all round then..?

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