Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Suits for success - donate your old clothes

Only time for a quickie today - A Suit That Fits is repeating it's 'Suits for Success' campaign from last year, in which people donate unwanted (clean and wearable) suits to charities that distribute them to homeless young people. They then have something to wear for job interviews and stand half a chance of getting their lives back on track.

It (and many others like it) is an excellent cause. Info on drop-off points is here:


Do have a think about donating that suit you no longer wear. You get a £50 tailored suit token by way of return and you may help turn someone's life around.


  1. Irritated that I can't click on the link. :-(
    Does the fact that it mentions suits means it is aimed at the male homeless? Great idea anyway. Hope people think about footwear too as trainers or boots, whilst practical for life on the streets, may not be so great with a suit.

  2. Thanks, the link is now amended - I wrote this from my sick bed (all together: aah...) on the iPad, which unbelievably doesn't appear to let you add a live link. Back at the desk now, that's amended.

    I'm sure if you asked about footwear someone would get an answer to you very quickly indeed.

  3. If I had checked the link first I could have answered my own question but then I would have had nothing to moan about. The answer was they will accept footwear too if any of your other readers are interested.


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