Wednesday, 10 July 2013

DocuSign Challenge 3: Getting used to it

As regular readers will know I've taken up the challenge to go three months without signing a wet signature. DocuSign issued the challenge.

I'm over half way through and the position is much as I thought it was last time I wrote about it. Basically if you're doing anything for businesses it's terrific. Nobody has questioned my right to sign electronically, contracts have been accepted without any issues, it's been great. This coming Friday I should receive my first payment based on a contract I signed using the iPad App. All good stuff and as an added benefit all of my contracts are stored securely offsite in electronic form.

This is all excellent. Meanwhile when there's anything personal involved - hospital visits to pick up a blood pressure machine, pharmacists for the odd prescription, ordinary stuff like that - signing electronically isn't an option.

I certainly feel my business life is easier with this technology - but suspect that costs will prohibit the business stuff for a fair while yet.

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