Monday, 1 July 2013

Losing weight: an update

OK, it's a while since I adopted this 5x2 diet and promised I'd keep people updated - the original post from September is here.

There has been some qualified success. The first thing I'd have to say is: do not assume that if your jeans are more or less spray-on, really ought to get the next size up, that you're going to shrink two waist sizes within three months. This, if it's going to be sustainable, is not going to happen.

However, there has been progress. I'm still wearing the same jeans but I need, really need, a belt. And I've lost (FX: DRUMROLL) just over two stone. The shape would probably have changed more if I hadn't managed to develop an ingrowing toenail, which has limited some of the exercise possibilities (this has been treated, is improving and I was back in the gym yesterday).

But here are a couple of pics of me from BBC appearances - before the diet:

And after:

Now, nobody should kid themselves I'm an oil painting, obviously. And it's been gradual (and will continue to be). Having had the cysts removed from my scalp I can have a shorter haircut, which helps.

But there's definitely a difference. I can recommend this diet to anyone who's serious about losing weight permanently.

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