Monday, 8 November 2010

New men's mag: Gaz7etta

...and a warm welcome to a magazine that looks set to fill just the gap I'm aiming for with this blog. Gaz7etta has been doing the rounds as a pilot issue - I had my copy with a subscription issue of the Times last week, others have been given away elsewhere.

The idea is to have a stablemate for Grazia but to target the men's market and for once, I'm delighted to say, it's not packed out with scantily clad women whose dad I'm old enough to be, nor does it assume that if I'm a bloke I must be interested in football. (Fans are certainly catered for, I know I'm in a minority here, but it's good that there's plenty of other stuff).

It's well written for people like me who aren't alienated by youth culture but who don't see any reason to wallow in it. There's stuff on current events, style, James Bond films and whether the current hiaitus involving MGM will mean the non-return of Daniel Craig (my own tip is that if they don't get on and make a movie they're going to find nobody cares who's Bond any more), business pages, money advice...

I'd suggest this is a publication aimed precisely at the readers of this blog with only a few glitches - a must-have coat featured on the cover which costs £1500 is more of a can't-have coat for most of us, and for me Lemmy the Life Coach reads like an imitation of the Sunday Times advice column with Ozzy Osborne.

But a great start. The publishers, Bauer, are hoping to make this weekly next year. You can get a copy of the pilot issue from the website here.


  1. Brief point: am I the only person having issues trying to work out how to pronounce the name?

    Well, as long as I only ready about it online and don't have to ask for it in a corner shop, I suppose it doesn't matter...


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