Thursday, 4 November 2010

Your phone and its case

So I'm a gadget geek, so what? Actually more accurately I'm a gadget writer so I get an excuse good professional reason to get the latest stuff. And in spite of the now-famous reception problems if you hold the thing in the wrong way, I'm very fond of my iPhone 4. Only the other day I was using it as a satnav to get me home from Oxford while it was playing an audiobook through the car's speakers with a Bluetooth connection. This stuff has never been so affordable or, more importantly, easy before.

Ted Baker leather iPhone 4 case
The only real difficulty is the reception - I mean, it's called a phone, you're going to want to use it to make the odd call. You get over this by buying a case, which was probably going to be a good idea anyway.

And I decided to go just a little more stylish this time with the brown leather Ted Baker iPhone 4 case from ProPorta. It's well padded and the design on the underside of the protective flap (see picture) is a nice little touch, although if it hadn't been there I doubt that I'd have noticed. Importantly it leaves the screen completely bare when open, so you might want to buy a stick-on gel cover to increase the phone's useful life, particularly if you're one of these people with sharp and non-chewed nails. Apple isn't in the habit of releasing flimsy rubbish onto the market but a weak point's a weak point, and this is definitely a weak point. The price, £39.95, is on the slightly expensive side of acceptable (it's only a case after all) and I admit I could have done without the Ted Baker logo on the front. Others will probably whoop with joy at it. It's available from 28 November.

What does everyone else use? And although I like the look of my case and I enjoy using it, is it just me or is a phone that needs a case in order not to drop calls a bit of a cop-out..?

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  1. I've got an iPhone 4 and use a Belkin Shield Micra that was free from Apple to stop the 'signal degrading' issue.



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