Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Going for a shave

OK, the bathroom's being done - and it's not a picnic, I can tell you. The workmen are exceptionally considerate and are somehow leaving no dust and mess (given that they removed three walls of tiles yesterday that's an achievement) but the job is what it is. And I'm shaving mirrorless at the moment.

So sometime this week I'm going to try this new barber's that's opened up near us, and which specialises in hot towel shaves and suchlike treats. I shall report back...

(Oh, and a quick update on operation "learn to tie a bow tie: the one I'd ordered in the sales, although it didn't say so on the label, was a ready-made jobby. Even had instructions on how to tie the damned thing on the box, so I didn't realise until I'd opened it and made it non-returnable. Naughty, naughty John Lewis. I've made other arrangements).

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