Monday, 24 January 2011

Taming the trainers

Trainers and sports footwear in general are a topic which have changed drastically during my lifetime. When I was a child we were told they'd damage your feet if you wore them all the time; the smart thinking now is that if they're well made then the reverse is true.

So I thought I'd treat myself in the sales - and bought a pair of Fit Flops from with some loyalty points I had spare and a little money. They arrived and, I'd use them for walking the dog but snazzy Nikes they aren't. I've worn them a few times and my legs ache, which is presumably the idea.

They work by having a sort of wobble board under the sole which exercises different foot muscles and tones you. A bit. I'm not kidding myself that this is any substitute for proper exercise.

Dunlop Volley trainers
The other trainers at which I've been looking are the new (or "revived" I should probably say) Dunlop Volley (pictured). Unostentatious, a bit retro to appeal to those of us who remember them from first time around and probably very trendy among young people who'll no doubt put them on and not do the laces up, I like these.

The big thing about the Dunlops has to be the comfort. They feel like slippers but support your feet and are more solidly constructed than the Converse I bought last year. The canvas has a slight flexibility about it, too, so when a couple of days ago I managed to fall 8ft or so off a loft ladder and landed on my ankle, they accommodate the swelling without being painful. (I'm not hurt, thanks for asking, just a little stiff - for once I landed well). These are £39.99 new, they don't look as though the wearer is trying to be overly trendy and mid-life-crisis-ish and are among my favourites already.

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