Thursday, 27 January 2011

Valentine's Day requests 2: maybe not for me...

So yesterday I told you about a few cufflinks - and word's getting around that I'm looking at Valentine's Day presents for blokes. Of which cufflinks are just one example.

And so, apparently, is this £59.99 drill from Clas Ohlson, the chain that's opened up in a number of places including Croydon just near me.

This is interesting. Threatening to buy your wife a washing machine, vacuum cleaner or any of those other stereotypically "female functional" appliances for Christmas or Valentine's Day and you're (rightly) the butt of a lot of jokes. So people hear I'm writing for the same market from the male side and the hardware starts pouring in - 'get him a drill, or electric screwdriver', the suggestions go. Bit of an imbalance there.

Other suggestions I've had include USB memory drives from Verbatim and cod liver oil capsules. There are (or may be, I'm no medical expert) health benefits to these but good grief, if the age of romance isn't dead it's looking a bit peeky from here.

Tomorrow I'll be back to stuff that might go down well.

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