Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Valentines gifts to request 1: cufflinks

It's that time of year again - Valentine's is in a very few weeks, we haven't all been paid yet and even when we are there isn't going to be much cash around. So if your loved one asks what you want for the special day it may be that a touch of frugality will go down well.

Here's a picture of some cufflinks I rather like. They're from a range of a couple of pairs available exclusively through the British Heart Foundation, and will cost you a very reasonable £12.99. Other designs are available but the important thing is where the money goes.

Essentially the BHF has commissioned some artists - these ones are by Donald Hamilton Frasier - to design some cufflinks to sell to raise money for research into how zebra fish repair their cells, to see whether damaged heart tissue could be made to self-regenerate in the same way (a grown-up will be able to put that into proper medical language if you happen to know anyone who understands this stuff - wrong blog for a proper medical explanation I'm afraid).

Other cufflinks on the Net include some reasonably exclusive models coming onto - it's a bit of a fun website which has bargains available, bought in bulk, for one day only at a time. Monday will see Sonia Spencer pantone cufflinks on for £17 as compared to the usual £49, so well worth knowing about. My usual tailor at A Suit That Fits (sponsored link to their homepage, I get loyalty points) offers them as well.

Personally I'd urge everyone to buy the BHF ones or indeed to donate whether you want cufflinks or not. In the coming days I'll be looking at other Valentine's treats for blokes - ideas would be more than welcome.


  1. Guy,

    I'm thinking of giving the 'Institute of Advanced Motorists' (IAM) course. It's a non-profit organisation that recruits ex-police officers to teach and observe your driving skills through a multitude of environments (i.e. urban and rural) and it's supposed to also be great fun. It's £139 so not cheap but it is a charity.


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