Thursday, 3 March 2011

Music players and suits

Something I'm rarely bothered with is how to disentangle the wiring from MP3 players' headphones from a suit. There's a reason for this. I tried using an iPod on the move once or twice, was forever getting annoyed by the earphone cable (I tend to use wireless Bluetooth ones with my iPhone now) so gave up on it.

Not everyone has a Bluetoothed MP3 player, of course, which is presumably why my usual tailor, A Suit That Fits (sponsored link, costs you nothing), has been selling a new design - suits with an "MP3 tunnel".

As you can see from the picture it's a really simple idea. Pop your earphones in the top pocket, drop the phones through a little tunnel to the phone/media player pocket and it's just like a piece of channeling for a wire through the wall - hides a load of untidiness, makes sure you're not trailing earphone wires all over the place.

Of course they had to have this idea after I'd bought my last suit from them, and I've really got enough by now. But for people who need a new addition to their wardrobe this looks sensible, practical and non-ostentatious and adds only £8 to the price of the jacket. I'd certainly have it put in if I were putting a new order in anytime soon.

Speaking of tailoring I had some interesting feedback a short while ago from someone who'd ordered from a tailor, found the clothes didn't fit, sent them back and found they didn't fit again. He wrote the tailor off as hopeless. It's worth mentioning that two or maybe three fittings is quite common in tailoring and should be expected. The difference is that if an off-the-peg suit doesn't fit properly the shop is unlikely to alter it individually for you.

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