Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Passing the shoe

he new fashion season is poised to start and - somewhat typically - men's stuff hasn't changed massively. I was surprised and pretty damned pleased when Loakes sent me pictures of the new Jack range (pictured), which comes in brown, mid-brown, pale beige and blue.

It's a Goodyear welted brogue in oily suede and retails for £140. It would look good with jeans or a relaxed suit, no tie (which means it's time for me to ask people to click on my sponsored Asuitthatfits link here for inexpensive tailoring - no obligation to buy, it'll help keep this blog going and for what it's worth I've bought six of the suits quite happily).

Better yet from my point of view they're uncannily similar to the previous Bryant range. Here's a crummy picture I took in poor light on my phone:

The public relations manager (to whom I'm grateful for the picture above, you know, the half-decent one) tells me the new one is much more on-trend. It has a rounder shape whereas mine has a squarer toe and is slightly flatter, and the new version has a thicker sole. The pattern punched into the new model's leather is a traditional brogue pattern whereas mine has a variant you probably can's see in my picture.

The new shoe is therefore much better for the new season. OK, maybe it is if you're a strict fashionista. To my mind it's not different enough to warrant £140 and - here's where Loake shoots itself in the foot, if you'll pardon the expression - there's plenty of wear left in the existing model, at least in my pair.

I won't be buying the new version in any great hurry, then - but if you want an idea of the sort of thing shoe manufacturers are likely to be pushing at us in the near future this is probably a good indication. I admit if I needed a new pair of shoes I'd be seriously tempted.

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