Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Money clipped

Only time for a quick entry today. I've recently mentioned my meeting with Adam King of King and Allen - well, he gave me a small gift. It's a branded thing, and inexpensive so not a huge bribe or anything, but it's a money clip.

Something I'd noticed for a while, particularly whilst wearing suits (of which, as you'll have gathered, I've become rather fond) was that if you carry a bulky wallet then it distorts the line of your jacket. Not that this is a big deal, nobody's going to stare and as my wife's the first to point out, I have a much bigger issue with carrying change around and ruining the line of the trouser.

So I'd been looking for a slimline wallet - then Adam gives me his branded money clip (not the one in the picture). It holds money in place and of course you can have your debit card wedged in it safely as well. It feels less secure when you first start using it but that's mostly psychological, someone can pick a wallet out of your pocket just as easily as they can one of these.

The curious thing is that I've been using it during the hot weather whilst wearing jeans as well. It's obviously less bulky than a wallet so it's easier to carry money around, and of course a bit tidier than carrying loose notes in a pocket.

Above is a rather nice one I've seen on Amazon, which isn't branded. They're useful, simple and I'd recommend one to any bloke who's been carrying anything more bulky around for any length of time. I might even treat myself to one if anyone gives me any Amazon vouchers for my impending birthday...he hinted...


  1. A good tip & one that's worked for me (especially for nights out).

    My next tip in traveling light is to leave your keys at home (but that does rely on an accommodating partner to let you in when you return :-) )

  2. Hmm...there have been occasions on which my wife would probably have done anything *but* let me in when I return (and with hindsight I can't actually blame her...)

  3. That said, one Twitter correspondent now tells me he thinks money clips make you look either like a spiv or something out of the worst excesses of Wall Street. As in the movie! What's everyone else think?

  4. I was recently told - by a successful and wealthy investor - a money clip creates a more positive, 'third generation' relationship (a good thing) with money. Credit cards reinforce debt, cash creates the opposite. I can understand the thought process but the reality is errr, not for me. I keep scrunched up cash and cards in my pocket.


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