Saturday, 22 October 2011

Travel accessory: I got the power

I've been travelling a bit. And I got stopped by a security machine, not because I look shifty - much - but because the X-ray showed a load of wires with different chargers for stuff. This isn't a good look to a security person but it's kind of important - they soon realised I was carrying nothing suspicious but I was glad I was stopped.

One useful thing to counter this is portable charging. I don't want to be caught short by a laptop not working or something any more than the next guy, which is why the Duracell power range was particularly useful.

There are spare batteries, rechargeable ones and a battery charger in here, plus a USB-based portable charger. Once you've charged it up you have up to 5 hours extra talk time for smartphones, for example, by attaching them to it by USB. It's neat and folds up easily and for £39.99 is one of the cheaper items in its class. It'll happily charge two items at a time.

Duracell has helpfully issued its items in a carrying case (pictured) which, once you've established you probably don't need to carry the battery charger and spare batteries around all the time is a bit redundant. On the other hand if you're like me and used to sending alarms off because of all these damned cables and stuff in your bag,  maybe it's not such a useless thing.

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