Saturday, 15 October 2011

Tweed for Movember from A Suit That Fits

It's nearly November and that can mean only one thing to the well-informed bloke and his friends - time to grow a moustache and get sponsored for male-specific cancer charities. Testicular cancer used not to be as widely reported as breast cancer (which a minority of men also get, we have the equipment) and it's not a competition, but there's still some awareness campaigning to be done.

The problem is I can't grow a decent moustache. I get a dirty great big gap in the middle and it looks ridiculous. Fortunately A Suit That Fits (sponsored link, I earn loyalty points but if I get to 1000 points because of this post I'll give fifty quid to cancer charities - fair?) is launching a couple of items exclusive to the charity and it'll donate money to Movember if you buy. I'm taking one of the ties (pictured).

It's not something I can see me wearing. But it's in a good cause. And I'm not buying one of the jackets (also pictured) because they look plain scary.

It's a great cause - do support it somehow.

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