Thursday, 26 January 2012

Tee time - but maybe not yet

I feel for makers of tee shirts this time of year. Sometimes they get in touch with me to promote their goods, as did a business I hadn't heard of called T-Lab recently. We design good tees, they say, of course you do, I think, but what muppet's going to wear them when it's this cold outside?

The answer is of course that the weather is changeable at this time of year. Whereas we might well be in with a chance of snow in February we might just as easily come up with quite mild temperatures, and of course you can always put a jumper over the tee.

Which in this case might be a bit of a shame because these are rather good. I was thinking about buying something with a bit of a design on it and the ones these guys put together are well suited to a bloke my age - as you can see from the picture of the one I've got, it's a logo but not so much of one as to look a complete mid-life crisis.

Where the garment really scores, though, is in the quality. We're talking heavy duty cotton, comfortable, roomy (it's an XL and doesn't feel as though it's stretched right across me in spite of the fact that I could clearly lose a stone or three) and the stitching is solid. The neck has the right thickness to last longer than the five minutes you'd expect from something cheaper.

It's pretty good for the £20 the company currently wants (down from £25). I could see myself stocking up - but maybe a little later in the year when it's tee-shirt type weather.

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  1. My thanks to Mitch from T-Lab who tells me that in spite of my view, the company has found it sells plenty of t-shirts in January which is in fact one of its biggest selling months. As you'll gather from the entry above this isn't what I'd have expected but I'm happy to have the facts instead of my opinion - thanks again.


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