Monday, 23 January 2012

Getting knotted - more on ties

I've been refreshing my tie collection this year. I've done a bit of TV and if I'm honest the ones I have, although they're fine face to face, tend to end up showing up as pretty dull. The studio lighting doesn't do them all any favours.

Over Christmas I wrote about ties from Victoria Richards andI remain a fan. She designs them for Jon Snowand they look distinctive without - necessarily - appearing garish. Granted she can do brightly-coloured if she's asked. Her website will be stocking up with new designs in about eight weeks; in the meantime a load of ties come up as out of stock, which is frustrating.

Tie 15, Sue Forrest Ties
So I've been looking elsewhere and found Sue Forrest, - notice the spelling of her website omits one 't' in "' and hasn't bought the .com version. Based in Hay on Wye, which is always going to earn Brownie points from me as I had my honeymoon nearby (COUGH) years ago, she hand paints her own designs onto silk and makes them into ties. They don't have names like the Victoria Richards models, and I appreciate my buying "Percy Bar" from Victoria probably sounds a bit more exciting than buying "Tie 15" from Sue. But it's a nice design; regular enough to be coherent but fairly obviously hand painted and therefore unique - even someone buying the same thing will have some slight variants due to the hand made nature of the thing.

I like it very much. Her website says people tend to love or hate her ties which I can understand - but to enliven a standard dark suit and white shirt they're an excellent look, and at £45 not bad for something hand made and unique. You'd pay more for many so-called "designer ties" in a department store. I'll be keeping an eye on her site to see what else comes up.

I did think I'd found something original at first - an exchange of emails, however, tells me she also supplies Jon Snow and he's a good customer. I am not stalking this man.

As with previous posts on the subject I have no affiliation with these craftspeople - this blog is not incentivised by any vendors in any way

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