Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Win a McCartney trip with JBL

I wouldn't normally do this but it's my blog, so I set the rules. Speaker company JBL is running a competition and will take two people to see Sir Paul McCartney in concert in  Rotterdam, Antwerp or Zurich in March.

Essentially you click this link and tell the company why you should win.

I've seen him perform twice and am a big Beatles fan. He plays a load of the old stuff, his last single is among his best ballads, although I'm sorry to say the rest of the album doesn't stand up as well - Rod Stewart's Great American Songbook it isn't quite, mostly because McCartney himself has written more hits than many of the composers he highlights in it. The shows, though, are unbelievable - for a guy who's about to exit his sixties, performing a two and a half hour show must be utterly shattering but he does it with aplomb. His backing group are great, of course he can afford the very best sound systems and if a couple of the higher notes aren't quite what they were in 1967 that's fine. For most of the songs he doesn't need them. "Hey Jude" remains the best singalong of all time. "A Day in the Life" is distinctly eerie with McCartney singing both of the solos, "Eleanor Rigby" certainly stands the test of time, "Back In The USSR" is the belter you'd expect as a live number (REFERENCES TO 37 MORE HITS DELETED HERE).

Anyway, there it is. Expenses paid, you and a partner, to one of those cities. Tell you what: don't enter. I wouldn't mind seeing him again myself, and the less competition, the better my chances...

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