Thursday, 10 May 2012

TV Tees from Layer Eight

Father's Day is coming and our kids will be expecting us to drop hints about what we'd like. This is tricky as clothing manufacturer Layer Eight has already sent me a sample of the best tee-shirt in the world; not only has it got silhouettes of Morecambe and Wise on it (see picture) and a few lyrics from "Bring Me Sunshine" inside the neck, but it's made from good quality cotton and the stitching is tight, unlike you find in so many 'character' (read 'gimmick') tee-shirts. They cost £25, which for a decent tee isn't bad (you can of course get poorly made tat for under a tenner).

I fit into a size XL from Fat Face and the cut on this XL shirt reminded me that I'm about due to go on a diet and back to the gym. They also offer XXL, which is possibly a little baggy- and would be admitting defeat.

For weird people who aren't into Eric and Ernie the same company offers designs based around slogans from Fawlty Towers (remember the sign outside the hotel getting sabotaged every week - this tee has a "Fatty Owls" sign on it, your kids will like getting something for daddy with "fatty" inscribed on it), Only Fools and Horses (just the "London, New York, Peckham" slogan), Porridge, The Two Ronnies, Life of Brian and Citizen Smith.

I've seen a lot of gimmicky tees in my time but the thought that's gone into these is just great. The designs are reasonably subtle while most character clothing is garish and 'in your face' - I shall wear my Eric and Ernie tee with pride. If people are very unlucky I might start a long one-sided conversation about how I saw them perform once at Wimbledon Theatre - but I'll leave that for another blog entry when nothing else whatsoever is happening!

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