Friday, 1 June 2012

Socks appeal: Incredisocks

Ah, the old socks appeal joke, never gets old, does it. OK, maybe it does - but anyway, I've been testing a pair of Incredisocks from Incrediwear. The idea is that they're impregnated with a few whizzy extras to stimulate blood circulation and help with a few other health issues.

For example, they have a 200 thread count for extra comfort - which is going to be more important to hikers and sportspeople than blokes walking between meetings as I was - and they're designed to regulate temperature efficiently, and the weave promotes dryness.

They did so pretty well and as such are very well suited to diabetics, of which I'm not (knowingly) one. What I liked about them, in my usual shallow way, was that the ones I was sent, in black, didn't stand out as somehow therapeutic; so often you see these things and they're in garish colours or very obviously for hiking or sport. I would imagine, assuming they do alleviate some of the symptoms of diabetes, that City workers (who'll be able to wear these without drawing attention to themselves) will welcome these.

OK, I like a splash of colour in my socks. That's up to me, but it's nice for once to have the choice. They're available from Vital LIfe.

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