Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Trunks for charity

I have new swimming trunks - probably not the mental image you wanted to start an abridged working week but there it is. They're from StarBlu and they have nice pictures of dolphins on them.

OK, I don't care much about the pictures of dolphins (although prints rather than plain colours seem to be in for this season, a bit of a shame for we fatties who like to keep it as dark and inconspicuous as we can). The very firm stitching, the comfort and the fact that some genius has thought to put a waterproof back pocket in so I can keep my keys and money safe. I'm half-inclined to try the phone in it and see if it dies, but not being pathologically stupid perhaps I won't.

They do look good, it's a fun design that manages not to be gaudy. The really nice bit is that every year StarBlu donates 5% of its global sales of men's and boys' swimming gear to a marine conservation charity; this year it's the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust, and for information on progress made last year with the turtle charity it supported you can look at the website.

I shall enjoy wearing these on hols.

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