Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Hairbond: non-sticky moulder

I don't write much about hair care on this blog but on this occasion I'll make an exception. I'm rather enjoying using Hairbond's Moulder product (thanks for the sample, guys) and will be ordering again when I run out.

Of course you need the right sort of hair. I have mine short and very slightly spiky or roughed, until it gets too long. In the past I've used various gunk, most recently L'Oreal Homme's Clay. They all tend to be a bit sticky and unpleasant - my daughter had run out of hair product once, put a little bit of my stuff on her hand and went "yicch" (she does the same with my shirts, mind you, she's that age).

They're effective, though. Rub a bit in your palm, ruffle it through towel-dried hair and you're done - really easy. The Hairbond stuff works in the same way but feels more like a sort of non-greasy butter; there's no stickiness but it holds the shape nicely. No scent to compete with any aftershave you might want to wear either. I'd recommend this one happily.

Speaking of hair, you might recall I've mentioned my barber, The Valet, a number of times. I'm delighted to confirm that last week they won the South London Business Award for Favourite Business. Huge congrats to all concerned.

Oh, and to the bloke who put a note up on my Facebook page last time I mentioned them criticising me for being rich enough or posh enough to have a personal valet: it's the name of a shop, dipstick.

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