Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Philips Citiscape headphones: more comfort, less noise

I've been testing the new Philips Citi Scape headphones and I have to say they're pretty good. My thanks to the PR company for sending them along.

They are a lot like many headphones I've tested in that they have a decent bit of foam on them to cushion against the ear. This has two effects. First it seals a bit of the sound in and a lot of the extraneous noise out. Second, because it's memory foam, the experience actually improves as you wear them more often (or as in my case, the more they're used the more daughter's-head-shaped they actually become).

The foam is breathable so you shouldn't break out into a sweat too quickly whilst using them. You can take calls as there's a built in microphone.

Yes, I'd like a bit more oomph in the bass and a bit more on the treble, but then if you shop around you can get these for forty quid or so. If I want something that sounds as if it costs hundreds there's clearly an easy answer. For something within a much more comfortable budget, and which can be worn for a fair while, these are pretty good.

Declaration: Sample headphones supplied by the PR company, link above goes through to Amazon and is an affiliate link - costs the buyer no extra but this blog gets a commission.

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