Friday, 7 December 2012

Christmas presents 8: Discounted hand made jewellery

I'm delighted to say that we've been offered a discount. Whether you're considering hand made good quality silver jewellery for yourself or a partner. the guys at Corazon Latino will give you 10% off if you enter the code LIFEOVER35 (remember the capitals) when you check out.

I'm an existing customer and can confirm the quality is excellent. I reviewed some cufflinks a while ago and although they were a little large for my tastes I could see they were well made; I've subsequently bought another pair (the Andata on the site, they look superb and I wear them as my first choice most of the time) and a Sylvia necklace for my wife. This is versatile and beautifully made. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company to anyone - not only are the quality superb and the prices reasonable, but I find when I order something on a Thursday afternoon I've got it by the Friday morning.
Sylvia silver jewellery on somebody else's wife (probably)

They are very good at offering advice if you phone up in a panic and want to buy a present but don't know quite what. The offer closes 21 December and if you order on that day then unless there is snow or a postage issue, you'll still have your gift in time for Christmas.

If you're buying jewellery, do have a look at the website and remember the discount - I certainly haven't been disappointed.

Declaration: I am not on any commission or incentive for this offer - it's just something I'm passing on which I hope will be useful. My thanks once more to Cath at Corazon Latino for making this offer to all readers.

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