Monday, 10 December 2012

Christmas presents 9: Tweed iPad case

The thing about leather iPad and iPhone cases is that they all tend to end up looking the same. Go to a meeting and put your iPad down and you'd be hard pressed not to pick the wrong one up at the end.

So it's useful that iChicGear has issued iPad and iPhone covers in a very distinctive Harris Tweed design (pictured). They're reasonably priced, the one in the picture is €49 plus delivery. There's a little leather catch at the back so you can tilt your iPad on a flat surface for easier typing. Mine's brown herringbone tweed with orange micro-lining.They have magnetic closure so they'll switch the thing off, and although they don't feel like it they have hard shells built in for protection.

Actually I wouldn't have minded paying a little more if they'd put a bit more into them. I do like to have a couple of card pouches in an iPad holder, and preferably somewhere to put a pen. This is a lot more basic than that - but then I'd be back to my case looking like everyone else's.

These are a nice alternative to the norm, they're genuine tweed and aimed at the luxury market. They're distinctive - you can make your own mind up about whether you want any extras.


  1. Hi Guy, the matching Oxford Tweed iPhone cases have two pockets for business cards. Problem solved (-:

  2. Yes, I've bought one and have been pleased by this. It's a good snug fit that doesn't add bulk to the phone, too.

    I'd still like a pen holder in the iPad case but that's my preference - nobody from iChicGear ever said this was on offer.

  3. These fold out side panels also contain a detachable touch screen cleaner that you strap onto your hand in order to give your tablet a thorough cleaning. Next to this, there is an additional loop strap that will accommodate an iPad stylus, so you won't be having to clutter your briefcase or handbag with iPad accessories.



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