Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Docusign Challenge: Some hiccups

Not quite a month ago I agreed to take part in the DocuSign challenge - the idea being that I would try to go three months without signing anything with a 'wet' signature.

I'm learning that this is really easy when you're dealing with a business signature and less so when you're doing something personal. For example, this very evening I will be speaking for a client at Claridge's; I was sent the contract by my agent and used DocuSign to sign it, sending it straight back without fiddling around printing it out. This has happened a couple of times.

It is a genuine time saver. However...

Personal stuff

As you know from the title of this blog, I am an old git (actually 48 which is significantly over 35) and as happens with middle aged men, the doctor is keeping an eye on a few things. I've had a minor infection following a minor operation on my scalp and no, when you're in a pharmacist they don't welcome people offering to sign for prescriptions with their phone. They hand you the biro and you sign, thanks.

Likewise the doc is keeping an eye on my blood pressure and had me carry a 24 hour monitor around for a day. This isn't inconvenient, it's an excellent precaution and gives you a perfect view of how high or low your pressure is over time BUT asking whether you can sign to borrow the equipment using your phone rather than just scribbling on their bit of paper does not go down well.

And no, I'm not going to risk my health for the DocuSign challenge!

So, one month in (almost) and we have a broad distinction emerging - at this stage it appears to be a lot better for business than for personal stuff, and people handing equipment out at my local hospital are still in the biro age. This means they don't record everything centrally immediately, nor do they have an automatic time stamp for when things are signed out, but that is (literally) their business.

I'll blog again on the subject next month...

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