Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Sock it to me

I've resisted the predictable "Father's Day is coming" post this year, concerned at the avalanche of predictable gift samples. The old saw is that we're all doomed to receive endless amounts of socks because the kids can't think of anything else.

On the other hand, or on the other foot perhaps, I've just been looking around the Richmond Socks website and I have to say some of them look pretty good. I've tried a pair of the Casa Italia purple versions (pictured) and they are incredibly comfortable. The fine Egyptian cotton makes quite a difference and they look great - I'm a bit of a fan of coloured socks. At £17.50 they're not cheap for socks but then they're a bit of a luxury, and for Father's Day that would be most acceptable.

Many men opt for black socks as if it's all we can manage, and we go for ankle socks rather than calf length. This generally means an unsightly span of leg when you cross your legs in a suit so I'd recommend calf length. In terms of colour I'd try to tone in with a tie or shirt (or even pocket square); it makes it look as though some thought has gone into it. Which is because some thought has gone into it.

Expert advice

Simon Bullmore runs Richmond Socks and has offered LifeOver35 readers some advice on choosing socks - he made the same point I did about longer garments (which they wear in Europe anyway, only we Brits favour the scrunched-around-the-ankle look) but also the following thoughts:

"This seasons trends are for pastel and candy colours.  Pastels are perfect for social occasions - especially weddings.  We'd suggest candy greens and oranges as an easy way to add some summer colour to chinos and jeans.   If you're not up for bold colour then add interest to your socks with a pattern.  Herringbone patterned socks very popular at the moment.  A quick tip for choosing socks - never match your socks to your shoes.  It makes you look like you're wearing booties.  Matching your socks to your trousers looks much better, and has the added benefit of making your legs look longer.  If you have long legs compared to your body then go for a splash of contrasting colour in order to break up the line of your legs and feet."

"Quality textiles make all the difference when it comes to socks.  Your feet sweat a pint each day.  Man-made fibres aren't very good at wicking this excess moisture away.  Which is why your feet might get a bit more niffy when it's warm - bacteria love sloshing around in the stuff.  Smelly feet are for teenagers.  Which is why you should make sure that your socks are at least 70% cotton or bamboo in summer (some nylon is ok as it helps the sock stay in shape).  Cotton and bamboo are much better at naturally wicking away sweat."

"When it comes to style details make the difference.  Socks are a great place to start.  And Richmond Socks is here to help men find the perfect pair.  All of our socks feature hand finished details and the best quality materials.  We only sell socks made by reputable European producers so we know that workers and the environment are cared for during the manufacturing process.  We've scoured the world for what we think is the best collection of mens socks.  Some of the brands we sell are only available in the UK through our store.  The socks we sell reflect our passion for timeless style and quality materials.  We think it shows in every pair."

We'll forgive him the sales pitch at the end and just say thanks for the thoughts.

All of which said, I know I won't be getting socks for Father's Day this year. We visited the South Bank on Saturday and there was a Beano exhibition, and they had these Dennis and Gnasher tee-shirts in adult sizes.

Now that is stylish.

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