Thursday, 3 May 2012

Summer scents 1: Yves St. Laurent La Nuit de L'Homme

I've been sniffing around - quite literally - new scents for men for the summer season. It feels a bit of a joke to be talking about summer scents when it's so miserable outside but they're in the shops - including this one, Yves St. Lauren't La Nuit De L'Homme Frozen. It gets the prize for 'daftest name of the week' if nothing else.

This one's quite pleasant, albeit not the better of the two the company sent over for trial (more on the other one and some more I've been testing over the coming days and weeks). The company says it's passionate and seductive; fortunately it also calms down a bit and says it has lemons, bergamot and mandarin as well as a splash of black pepper to make it a bit invogorating.

I get the black pepper bit and was reminded slightly of Molton Brown's Black Pepper Recharge products, if they'd added a load of other sweeter bits into the mix. And here we have my beef with the thing; it could have been sharper, it's as if someone had decided to hit the market with something a bit different then backed off at the last minute adding all the usual oversweetened notes common to a lot of male scents at  the moment. Presumably it's me rather than the mainstream; any long term readers might remember I reviewed six Boss scents a year ago and found they were all a bit on the sickly side for my tastes.

So, pleasant as long as you don't want something with much of a kick; would probably be good for an evening rather than the day time, and frankly I suspect it would suit a younger man better than an older one. It's been out a couple of weeks and depending on the deal you can find, it will cost you around £38.

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