Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Why is toothpaste minty?

Courtesy of my friends at The Valet Male Grooming in Addiscombe I've been trying a new toothpaste. It's always struck me as a bit peculiar that toothpaste should taste minty. Yes by all means your breath should smell a bit fresher after brushing and mint certainly 'feels' clean, although that may be my conditioning shining through rather than any sort of actual logic.

So when The Valet gave me a tube of Marvis Liquorice Mint toothpaste to try I was intrigued. I mean, look, there's a link above to the product so you can buy it through my Amazon link (I get a few pennies but not much) so you can see it's OVER A FIVER FOR A TUBE OF TOOTHPASTE, if I hadn't been given a tube I doubt I'd have spent the money.

But it's rather nice. You get a vague liquorice overtone rather than a massive hit, and the overall impression is of refreshment rather than a trip to the confectioner.

But I'd be intrigued to hear just how much of this stuff actually gets sold. A fiver for a tube of toothpaste. Call me old fashioned, but you need to be pretty rich and indulgent to be able to justify that.

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